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Why Raw?

Scroll down or click here for an article about why Supermodel Carol Alt loves rawfood or here to read about Alicia Silverstone (Clueless, Batman & Robin etc.)

An article by David Woolfe of

Many have spent lifetimes wondering what caused humanity's "fall from grace." What has caused humanity's disconnection from living in a natural paradise? Why is civilization out of balance with Nature? These thoughts are often triggered by a study of the classical, legendary, or religious stories of a former perfect age.

Every culture seems to have a story about how human life began on Earth. Most describe a place where people lived in harmony with the plants and animals. While living this way, the stories indicate that, people experienced happiness and peace.

These stories often indicate that everything was in harmony until something happened. Some stories tell of a great flood, others tell of humans gaining an understanding of good and evil, still others tell of a shift in Earth's alignment, a few even tell of some godly or spiritual powers that drastically changed the state of life on Earth.

Those of us who follow a balanced, thoughtful raw-food diet, believe that we have found the major piece of the answer to humanity's obvious disconnection with Nature. A multifaceted collection of scientists, spiritual leaders, researchers, and grassroots raw-food enthusiasts, have come to understand through experience, that the great change in human life occurred after humans discovered fire, and then began cooking food.

The obvious separation created by putting fire between our food and our mouth, the tremendous amount of time and energy people spend to cook food, the use of massive resources to create today's cooked-food culture (with its billions of kitchens and restaurants), the construction of factories and shops all churning out cooked and processed foods, the packaging and wrappers involved in the whole cooked-food process, and the lack of life energy in cooked food are all major contributing factors in humanity's fall from paradise. Subconsciously, we know this, as our picture of paradise usually involves sun, beaches, mangoes, and coconuts; not gloomy cities, restaurants, and cooked animals for dinner.

All animals living in the wild eat their food raw and, almost always, fresh. Raw is Nature's First Law. Only humans and domesticated animals eat cooked and processed foods.

The cooking and processing of foods has become so common that most of us do not even question it. The assumption that cooked and processed foods are as good as raw foods is just an assumption. Most people do not know for sure, because they have never tried a balanced raw-food approach. Einstein once said: "The essential is to get rid of deeply rooted prejudices, which we often repeat without examining them."
Here is a visual experiment to consider: Feed a tribe of gorillas a diet of coffee, donuts, and other processed human foods for a few years. Let us watch what happens. Or consider, a herd of deer who, instead of eating their grass raw, decide to collect it and boil it in a giant cauldron. Picture what would happen in that situation!

What is it that constitutes the basis of human nourishment? Is it refined sugar flowing out of the roaring jaws of factories? Is it the flesh of animals being churned out by combinations of torturous factory farms and horrific slaughterhouses? Is it the milk of factory-farmed cows naturally intended for baby calves? Is it cooked and processed foods containing dyes, flavours, and preservatives?


The basis of human nourishment is obvious: it is raw plant foods. And Nature presents this to us in abundance. Raw plant foods are simple, easy to find, fun to eat, enjoyable, contain thousands of health-giving nutrients, and conform to the biological design of the human digestive system. The sun is the source of all life and raw plant foods represent the purest form of transformed sun energy.

When one eats an orange, the wrapper (peel) becomes compost. When one follows a raw-plant-food lifestyle, the amount of trash produced by that individual decreases to almost nothing. Test for yourself and see.

An individual who eats the typical foods found in so-called "civilized society" who then changes to a raw-plant-food diet can discover energy they have never known. Eating a balanced mix of raw plant foods restores the body on a molecular level, building strong cells, radically naturalizing the body, raising alkalinity, and grounding the person in the natural world. Of course, the body resists shocking changes and everyone should ease into the raw-food approach at an appropriate pace. Also, everyone should educate themselves on this amazing subject (by further exploring this website, reading raw-food books, chatting on-line with other raw-foodists, and attending lectures), so that the common mistakes are avoided.

As the months and years pass, a person switching to a raw-plant-food approach may notice a greater awareness of the spiritual world, become more intuitive, and feel natural powers they have never experienced (or did not know they had). One will find oneself having more fun in a garden than a movie theatre. A profound new connection will arise with plants and animals.

Every person is a work of art in progress. Either one can become progressively more beautiful, or one can follow the fate civilization has set out (miseducation, wage slavery, decay, illness, and an untimely death). Each action one takes determines which of these two destinies will be achieved.

What we eat helps to guide our path. Eating determines what level of health our body will experience. Every bite of food put into the body should add to our strength, spirituality, and beauty. Each meal becomes part of who we are at the deepest level.

"You are what you eat" is a cosmic law. Everybody knows that saying ‹ everybody! It is a concept that has been known in every culture and civilization throughout history. It is written into the fabric of the universe. It is a simple law of Nature that should be remembered each day, and at each meal. Those who wish to heal themselves and the planet, should eat the most healing foods.

"Healing foods" means quality, organic, homegrown, or wild foods and/or superfoods in their raw natural state. Following this principle is not only the simplest way to choose what to eat, but is simply the best way to bring about good health and spiritual transformation. Because of this, this website is dedicated to helping as many people as possible succeed and prosper with the raw-food lifestyle.

We encourage anyone who wishes to experience the bounties of Nature to delve into eating what Nature provides to us. That is: raw plant foods. We encourage people to learn about superfoods, garden foods, and wild plants (herbs), to learn a new way of living, to experience the incredible energy Nature will give to you by accepting the foods she provides, and to live life in a melody with the plants and animals. By doing so, you may experience and reclaim your own little bit of paradise!

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Supermodel Carol Alt Loves Raw Foods
Supermodel Carol Alt proudly proclaimed her raw diet on Bill Maher's Politically Incorrect on Tuesday, March 12, 2002.

We've included most of the transcript for context.

Partial Transcript from Politically Incorrect 3-12-02


Bill Maher, host


Carol Alt

Rob Frisbee

Michael Medved

Alexandra Wentworth

Carol: ...How many times do you go down Sunset Boulevard, and one week there's a billboard that says, "Dairy is terrible for you," and the next week, there's a billboard that says, "Eat dairy six times a week."

Bill: Those billboards are not from studies or independent groups. Those are advocates of those --

[ All talking at once ]

Alexandra: Why does the California Dairy Association --?

[ All talking at once ]

Bill: But listen -- here's something I've been saying on this show for as many years as we've been on. Obesity is harder on health than smoking.

Obesity exacts a higher toll on health and health care costs than either smoking or drinking.

Rob: Let's make brownies and combine the issues.

[ Laughter ]

[Applause ]

Bill: Anybody whose name is "Frisbee" --

[ Laughter ]

--Has got to have had a brownie once in a while.

[ Laughter ]

But we were talking about some issue on this last week, and Lenny Clarke said, "You don't like fat people." I said, "Of course, I like fat --" it has nothing to do with it. It's just what I've been saying all along. It's smoking and drinking have been the focus of research and policy work for years, yet obesity causes more serious health consequences.

Michael: This is what Richard Simmons says.

It is. He's got a big campaign. He wants more government education, and I think it's perfectly appropriate. Certainly, if you're gonna teach kids about public health, like the idea that it's good to brush your teeth once in awhile, it might be good to teach them about eating more responsibly.

Carol: And who's supposed to teach them this? The problem is is that all these advocates behind all these different genetic engineering of food and radiation of the food and all of this stuff that's going into our food these days have a monetary interest in what's happening, and they're not gonna teach our children how to eat correctly 'cause that gives them too much power.

Rob: The problem is you have to be so politically correct about talking about obesity. It's fine to educate about drugs and nicotine, but you can't tell little Johnny what to eat and what not to eat or that --

[ All talking at once ]

Carol: We cannot take responsibility for our health.

Rob: But as an educator, we can.

Michael: Nobody needs to consume tobacco. Nobody needs to consume marijuana. We all do, except for those of us who are models, need to consume food every once in a while.

[ Audience ohs ]

[ Laughter ]

Carol: I probably eat more than you do.

[ Applause ]

Michael: I doubt it.

Carol: I don't.

Alexandra: Carol, that was an attack on me.

[ Laughter ]

Bill: That argument --

Carol: Thank you, Mike.Bill: That argument doesn't go anywhere because, of course, we all need to consume some type of food. It's the type of food that we are eating.

Carol: Exactly.

Alexandra: Listen, listen. If you're not making a big salary and you're living in a trailer, you're gonna eat a Big Mac. You're gonna eat Cheez-Whiz. I mean, I do as well. But you know how expensive it is to get a tofu burger or to get organic meat?

Bill: Oh --

Alexandra: Oh, no, no, no.

Bill: So there's nothing between a Big Mac and a tofu burger?

[ Laughter ]

Those are our only --?

Alexandra: Tell me a meal you can get for $2.19 in America?

Rob: But I think you find more obesity in affluent America than you do in poor America, and so it really has nothing to do with the ability to afford tofu. It's just a choice issue, and it's hard to educate about that.

Carol: I just think that we're not getting nutrition from the foods we're eating because we're cooking it, we're processing it, we're radiating it, we're germinating it --

we're not germinating.

Michael: Okay, so --

Carol: We're not feeding our bodies, and the problem is we are hungry all the time.

Michael: But part of the answer is --

Bill: We're hungry all the time.

[ Laughter ]

Carol: All the time.

Bill: Not if you don't throw up after lunch.

[ Audience ohs ]

[ Laughter ]

Carol: I'm not taking that as an attack on me because I never did that.

Bill: I didn't mean you. I didn't mean you. But we're bloated all the time, hungry all the time.

Carol:We're hungry. Everybody stops at 4:00 in the afternoon and eats candy bars.

Michael: Being hungry all the time has to do with the marijuana.

[ Laughter ]

Rob: If smoking makes you forget, let's smoke enough so you'll forget to eat.

Alexandra: There's a little something I like to call the munchies, Michael.

[ Laughter ]

Michael: I've heard about that.

Alexandra: You know, you intake a little marijuana, and then you're pulling the legs of pheasants and --

[ Laughter ]

Michael: Well, see, there's something between that Big Mac and the tofu burger --pheasants. Or peasants, whatever.

Alexandra: Anything you can shoot yourself, you can eat.

Isn't that our motto America?

Rob: But the issue is -- I mean, you should be able to educate about obesity just as much about nicotine and drugs to children and everybody.

Bill: Right.

Carol: But nobody understands how it happens.

Alexandra: What if it's genetics?

Bill: What do you mean?

Michael: There's a genetic predisposition --

Bill: Let me explain to you how it happens. They market McDonald's to 2-year-olds. That's how it happens.

Carol: No, but I mean, the problem is that nobody understands that when you cook fat, you transhydrogenate it, and your body can't molecularly read it. So all of a sudden --

Bill: You're right. I don't understand that.

Carol: That's what I'm talking about.

[ Laughter ]

[ Applause ]

Bill: But wait a second.

Carol: My point exactly.

Bill: Yes, but why do I have to -- I do understand that if I eat --

Carol: You choose the foods you eat, and you need to choose the correct food, and if you don't understand how this food goes into your body.

Alexandra: But it's also --

isn't it portion, too? I mean, I know that chicken is good for you. No, you know what?

Carol: I sat with more people who look at me at the amount of food that I eat and go, "How do you, as a model, eat like that?" Because I eat the right food.

Alexandra: It's the only meal that you, in fact, have to eat.

[ Laughter ]

Bill: No, no. But come on. It's a little bit of genetic luck, too.

Carol: It's not genetic luck. My younger sister's a large-size model.I was heavy.I had to lose weight to model, and it was devastating to me because I was starving all the time because I didn't know what to eat that fed my body but would maintain my weight.

Alexandra: But how are you so thin now, and you eat a lot?

Carol: I eat raw food.

[ Laughter ]

I eat raw food.

Alexandra: Only raw food?

Carol: That's all you want, but I'm gonna look like this when I'm 90.

Rob: Honestly, I think it's part of your profession, though, and in fairness, you have to consider this on a proclamation.

Carol: What part of my profession?

Rob: Stay in shape.

Bill: All right. And now a message from tofu burgers --

[ All talking at once ]

[ Applause ]

Bill: All right. We were talking about how you can pick your poison in this country, but if you pick the wrong one, you go to jail, but if you overeat yourself to death, that's okay. Now just to show you how much -- you were making this point, right, that you can't attack food. Just to show you how much you can't attack food, we actually sell in this country drugs that are way more powerful than marijuana, legally.

Alexandra: You mean antidepressants?

Bill: No, I'm talking about the stuff that suppresses appetite. Have you tried --I won't say the name of it because I take it sometimes, and I know it's bad for me. It will kill you.

It's evil.

Alexandra: Yeah.

Bill: And it says on the bottle you can take up to eight a day. I've taken two, and I'm not a person who gets high easily on, like, speedy things and I was flying --

[ Laughter ]

Michael: This is celebrity endorsement.

Bill: No, no, no.

I'm telling you I take it every once in a while because, as an adult, I can make that decision.

I am hurting my health, and I'm okay with it because I want to be thin like you.

[ Laughter ]

But it is a serious drug. It is legalized speed, and you get it in the health food store.

Alexandra: I have a friend who has an akita who ate eight of those --

Rob: Oh, man.

Alexandra: Eight of those drugs.

Bill:The dog ate it?

Alexandra: The dog ate it. She left it on the counter, and he spun out, pulled the chandelier off and died instantly.

Carol: He died?

Alexandra: And I said, "Does that not tell you anything?" I wanna be thin, though.

Michael: If this particular unnamed drug --

Bill: But the dog looked fantastic.

[ Laughter and applause ]

Rob: Live fast and leave a beautiful corpse.

Bill: He had a shoot the next day.

Alexandra: He lost 20 pounds in 5 minutes and looked fabulous.

Michael: So I'm not sure if I understand, Bill. If this drug, unnamed drug, is a bad idea, does that make marijuana a good idea? Bill: No, I'm just saying we're very inconsistent about what --

Michael: Sure we are. Sure we are. Of course we are. We're inconsistent because we allow tobacco, and we allow alcohol, and we don't allow marijuana.

Bill: And your idea would be we don't allow any of that?

Michael: No, my idea would be -- the conservative position is you only change things very, very carefully, and right now, if we legalize marijuana, more people will smoke marijuana. I don't think that's a good thing for society.

Carol: Yeah, but then there would be more control and less violence surrounding it.

Michael: There's not a lot of violence surrounding marijuana.

Alexandra: I think the people that smoke marijuana will continue to smoke marijuana whether it's legal or not.

Michael: Yeah, but don't you know people, because I do --

Alexandra: Of course I do.

Michael: There are people --

[ Laughter ]

No, don't you know people who don't smoke now but if it we're legal, if you could go ahead --

Bill: No, I don't know one person --

[ Talking over each other ]

Name one person in the United States who can't get marijuana if they want to.

Michael: No, no. They can get it if they want to, but people are discouraged from getting it because it's illegal. That's what something being illegal does.

Bill: No one has ever died from it and yet thousands, hundreds of thousands, die from these other things. I keep saying, until people start dying from marijuana, it's gonna stay illegal.

[ Laughter ]

You apparently have to die from it.

[ Applause ]

All right, I gotta take another commercial.

We'll be back.

Bill: All right. I want to find out what raw food is first. But also, one more thing about the food thing -- where in America do we put pictures of our kids?

Carol: The refrigerator.

Bill: Exactly. The refrigerator.

Life revolves around the refrigerator.

[ Applause ]

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Alicia Silverstone on the "Tonight Show" with Jay Leno on Friday, June 9, 2001

Transcript by Tony Shale

Jay: Welcome back. Alicia Silverstone is on her way out. [snip]

alicia stevensone raw

Jay: All right. You know my first guest from movies like Clueless , Batman and Robin and Love's Labour's Lost . She is now producing and doing one of the voices for a new animated TV show called Braceface which is on the Fox Family Channel. Please welcome Alicia Silverstone. [audience applauds] [band plays theme music from Braceface ]

alicia stevensone raw

Jay: Hey, you look great! Good to see you again!

Alicia: You too!

Jay: You're looking very *natural*!

Alicia: Thank you.

Jay: I know you're like a natural person, right? Like you're gardening all the time. You grow your own vegetables.

Alicia: Yes.

Jay: How's that going? Okay?

Alicia: It's so good. Just recently I discovered that I was sitting on a gold mine.

Jay: Sitting on a gold mine. Now what, you found oil in your backyard? What happened?

alicia stevensone raw

Alicia: No, I found dog poop! [audience laughs]

Jay: Dog poop in the backyard?

Alicia: Yeah! All this time I had--well I have this geological problem and I couldn't figure out what to do about it. My hill was all sliding down and stuff. And this guy came out and he was like "You don't have a geological problem--you have some other kind of problem" and he left.

Jay: Wait. Hang on, hang on, hang on. Okay, your house is about to slide down the hill. Who told you, you had a geological problem? Like did scientists--

Alicia: It's too convoluted. I don't really know who--somehow we knew that the hill was falling down. I mean, we could see it was falling down.

Jay: You see parts of the hill that used to be at the top, at the bottom of the hill.[audience laughs]

Alicia: Yes.

Jay: Okay. That's a sign! [Alicia laughs]. Okay.

Alicia: And then--well finally what we did was we called in our hippie friends. They're these raw hippies. And they drive like a solar bus.

Jay: What is a "solar bus"?

Alicia: It's run--well--they're using "good fuel" as opposed to--

Jay: Now what would that be? I'm curious.

Alicia: Well you can use hemp fuel.

Jay: Hemp fuel?

Alicia: Yes.

Jay: That's how Kev gets around. [reference to Kevin Eubanks, Jay's band leader]

Alicia: Yeah. [audience laughter] [Kevin laughs]

Jay: What does that mean? So you have marijuana -- that's not a bus you want to be behind in traffic.

[audience laughs]

Alicia: There's no marijuana involved.

Jay: Oh, I see.

Alicia: Just hemp.

Jay: Now how does it run on hemp?

Alicia: Well it's the oil. All these oils are really good oils. Or you can use vegetable oil -- as opposed to destroying the planet using the other kind of oil.

Jay: Oh. All right. Okay.

alicia stevensone raw

Alicia: So, anyway, they've got this little bus. And it's, like, a really, really environmentally great bus. And they're these really cool people. And they're raw. They only eat raw food.

Jay: Only raw food?

Alicia: Vegan raw food.

Jay: So, like, they would eat a cow live, you mean?

Alicia: No! Vegan raw food. [audience laughs]

Jay: Oh, vegan raw food. Oh, so they don't cook the vegetables.

Alicia: Yeah, exactly.

Jay: Why? What's wrong with -- you're not hurting -- [in small voice] "help me!" It's not like the vegetables -- [audience laughter]

Alicia: No, no, no. This is like a purely -- you'd have to get them on to describe it to you. But it's really like -- it's like a really -- people have, like, "de-aged" themselves by being raw.

Jay: Right.

Alicia: You know what I mean? Like, there's this woman in Chicago. She's, like, 60, and she looks like she's about 35.

Jay: Joan Collins!

Alicia: Not here.

Jay: Oh. [audience laughs] [Alicia laughs]. Wait, wait. Go back to the dog poop.

Alicia: Okay, the dog poop--

Jay: Okay so you have a hill that's filled with dog poop. And this has saved your house from falling.

Alicia: Yes-- no, I had dog poop everywhere and I was like "Well how do I do it" and it's annoying--you have to pick it up when people come over because there's poop everywhere.

Jay: Right.

Alicia: So finally I realized--

Jay: Don't have anybody over. Just live in the dog poop! [Alicia laughs]. All right. Go ahead.

Alicia: So finally I had these raw hippies come over and they helped me to make shelves and make compost. So you take the dog poop and throw it onto one of the shelves and--

Jay: These are shelves in your house? You mean bookshelves? [Alicia laughs

Alicia: No they're in the garden.

Jay: You mean outside. Oh, in the garden.

Alicia: See you're taking the hill. You're recycling--like we went and picked up wood that was just left on the street that people were throwing away.

Jay: Right.

Alicia: Take that wood and put planks in front of it. Now you've got a shelf. So the hill can't fall down because it's--you know what I mean? It's got like shelves going down.

Jay: Yeah, okay.

Alicia: Okay. So anyway, you take those shelves and inside of them at the top of the shelf you put a whole bunch of dog poop and every time you eat a banana or like--you're making mangos or passion fruit--the skins or the pits--you throw it into the compost so it's all mixing together. The pits, the skins, the dog poop.

Jay: Do you have like a toilet in your house or do you just go out and squat when you --[audience laughter]

Alicia: Sometimes if I can't make it--

Jay: Do you just squat on your hill? [audience laughs]

Alicia: If I can't make it I do.

Jay: Eliminate the middleman!

Alicia: Exactly! Anyways, the point is--

Jay: Now these are not hippies, these apparently are Neanderthals that have come to your home. [audience laughs]

Alicia: It's very cool. [Jay laughs]. The greatest thing is now there's all these beautiful wildflowers and beautiful fruits and vegetables, I didn't even plant!

Jay: And it's got to smell terrific! [audience laughs]

Alicia: It smells good.

Jay: Now what do your neighbors think when they see you collecting feces and piling it up on your hill? I mean--

Alicia: Well they're happy because before it was like, the smell would get yucky with the heat, you know. But now when you're covering it with all these peels and pits and leaves, it's just wonderful.

Jay: Okay. All right.

Alicia: So I highly recommend it!

Jay: Now what were we talking about before? Oh, yeah. About you having a messy face. You know what I'm talking about?

Alicia: Oh well, you know, because I do the show Braceface and everybody keeps saying "Well, how do you relate to the 12-year-old?" and I'm like "Well --"

Jay: It's about a girl that has braces and people make fun of her, is that what the show--

Alicia: Yeah, everybody is calling her Braceface , making fun of her constantly. She's sort of a geeky, awkward girl and she gets braces which like destroy her life, because you know, she's already geeky enough as it is. She doesn't need *braces* to, you know--

Jay: Right.

Alicia: And so it's just all about what all the angst and stuff that goes on at that age. And um, what was the point? Oh about--

Jay: Oh, yeah! Yeah. [Alicia laughs]. You said when your face is messy--

Alicia: Right! Oh, so they're just saying "How do you relate to this 12-year-old?" And I'm like "I still feel 12" and, you know, people are always telling me, you know, "You've got stuff on your face." And like, who cares? Cause I don't really--I eat, it goes everywhere. It's like all over my shirt. It's all over my face. Sometimes I have green paint all over me!

Jay: Okay. Okay, so let's backtrack. We don't pick up animal waste, we have stuff all over our face!

Alicia: I pick it up. I just move it to a more--

Jay: Okay.

Alicia: You know--proper spot.

Jay: So if you have food all over your face, you leave it there and it composts on you [audience laughs]

Alicia: Well then I just learned--my friend was just--

Jay: Just pack your cheeks with stuff, and it composts?

Alicia: Well, I think that--actually, one of my friends who's very, you know, good at this stuff and very environmental--Laura--she was just telling me--she was talking to her little vegan children, saying to them, "clean your--"

Jay: She has vegan children? [audience laughs]

Alicia: Yes! They're the coolest kids!

Jay: Now I knew some people--now, this is true. This sounds like it's made up. But when I was--like, macrobiotics was the hip thing when I was a kid. Like, when I was in college. And I knew some people who had a kid. And the kid was 4 years old and couldn't stand up. Literally. And they took it to the doctor. Said, "You know, a macrobiotic diet is not good for children. It's okay for adults, but a kid needs protein."

Alicia: Okay, I don't know about that.

Jay: Well -- the kid couldn't stand up.

Alicia: But it's like, you know, a scientifically proven fact that, if you eat a vegan diet--

Jay: Even from--

Alicia: Even from birth.

Jay: Now, how about animals? You have dogs.

Alicia: They're the healthiest children. My dogs are all vegan.

Jay: Now, what do they eat? -- soy burgers?

Alicia: They eat greens, broccoli. If ever you're cooking broccoli, just throw the broccoli on the floor.

Jay: How do you get your dog to eat broccoli?

Alicia: They love it!

Jay: I can't get my dog to eat filet [audience laughter]

Alicia: Well, then--that's not good for them.

Jay: You think your dog would eat broccoli, really?

Alicia: Yes! They eat broccoli, tomatoes, bananas, avocados. My dogs are fat from eating avocados.

Jay: Really?

Alicia: Yeah. I'm telling you.

Jay: And then they go on the hill and then that goes back--[audience laughs]

Alicia: It's cheaper--it's cheaper, healthier--

Jay: How many dogs do you have?

Alicia: Well, I have quite a few.

Jay: How many? Tell me.

Alicia: I can't! [laughs]

Jay: You're not allowed to say?

Alicia: No!

Jay: You have more dogs than you are allowed to have.

Alicia: No, I have three dogs.

Jay: You have three dogs--and then many strays. [Alicia laughs]. You're like that guy in Utah with all the wives! All right. [audience laughs].

Alicia: Yes. [laughs]

Jay: Now this is some of your cartoon. You do the voice for this?

Alicia: Yes.

Jay: All right. Let's take a look at your cartoon. This is Braceface . Oh, is that you?

Alicia: Yes.

Jay: Is that supposed to be you?

Alicia: Sharon Spitz.

Jay: That's Sharon Spitz. Lets take a look.

[clip of Braceface shown]

audience applauds]

Jay: Well that's good!

Alicia: Yeah. It's like the--It's the number one show--Fox Family--like the [highest] ratings--they've ever had!

Jay: Yeah. Well that's nice. You've done a nice thing. Well that sounds like--you know, you and I should go out for steaks some night. We'll go out and have a nice steak dinner. [audience laughs]. We'll take my '59 Cadillac, we'll go for steaks.

Alicia: That would be great. I'd actually enjoy that. Because I could tell you about why it's so bad the whole time.

Jay: Really? Okay, we'll do that sometime. [audience laughs] [Alicia laughs] Alicia, thank you very much.

Alicia: Thank you! [audience applauds]

Jay: Alicia Silverstone. Be right back with Mick Foley right after this